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Welcome at the international page of the Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Groningen (JFV) website! The JFV is the study association of the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen. With over 2,500 members the JFV is one of the largest law faculty associations of the Netherlands. The JFV attempts to integrate International and Dutch students through organising activities that can be attended by both international and Dutch law students.

The JFV was founded in 1908. Over the past 110 years the JFV focussed mainly on Dutch law students. Since a few years the University of Groningen welcomes more and more international law students. As the faculty association of law the JFV encourages integration between Dutch and international students by organizing activities throughout the year. For example the PALS Programme! Click here to find more information about the PALS Programme!

Next to this you can apply now to become a part of the International Committee! It is one of JFV’s goals to integrate international and Dutch students. This is done by organizing activities that can be attended by both international and Dutch students. The International committee helps us realise this. The International committee is a joint committee with the ‘Nexus Student Association,’ together they consist of 6 members, both international and Dutch. The International committee is responsible for the international introduction activity, the International pubquiz, and the JFV lecture. Additionally, the International committee is responsible for the PALS-programme, which connects International participants with a patron. Would you like to organize these activities in the upcoming year? Apply now for the International committee by filling in this form!

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