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JFV Lecture

On April 22nd the International Committee organizes the online JFV Lecture at 17.30 o'clock!

The panel will discuss questions related to the connections that the RUG has with the Chinese government through the Confucius Institute here in Groningen. The discussion will be led by Will Cole, member of the International Committee, who will challenge the participants by encouraging them to engage in academic discussion with each other. We'll be asking the participants various questions relating to both institutions, the importance of international connections, and how these connections can have impact on the stakeholders.
This panel topic is especially interesting for those who want to pursue a direction in international relations or similar topics! This event is purely educational and not intended to make a political statement. The International Committee hopes that you're interesed, and want to join the semina either to listen or to contribute your own burning questions. 

The lecture will be broadcast from a professional studio at Diepzeekonijn.

You can sign up via this link. Participaction is totally free!