Board 2023-2024

The 116th Board has been constituted as follows:

Chairman Lidewij Tuinhout
Vice-chairman Julie Hunze
Secretary Maha Yacoub
Treasurer Frank Buma
Commissioner of Career Affairs Sjoerd Talitsch
Commissioner of Educational Affairs  Mark Spaan

Lidewij Tuinhout- Voorzitter

General strategic policy, membership of (inter) faculty organs, maintain internal policy, maintain contact with the faculty, website, chairman of the Stichting Oud Leden (Alumni Foundation), guiding the Jaarboekcommissie. 

E: voorzitter@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-21273067

L: www.linkedin.com/in/lidewijtuinhout

Julie Hunze - Vice-chairman

General acquisition, maintaining contact with companies, guiding the Congrescommissie, the Commissie Legal Experience and the Symposiumcommissie. 

E: vicevoorzitter@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-18683757

L: www.linkedin.com/in/juliehunze

Maha Yacoub - Secretary

General PR, general secretarial activities, printed matter, inventory, maintaining the member file, confidential advisor, guiding the Social Mediacommissie, the Galacommissie and chief editor of the Juridisch Magazine 'In Casu'.

E: secretaris@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-30084944

L: www.linkedin.com/in/mahayacoub/

Frank Buma - Treasurer

General finances, maintaining bookkeeping, BTW declaration and checking budgets of committees, guiding the Excursiecommissie and the Introductiecommissie. 

E: penningmeester@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-43980018

L: www.linkedin.com/in/frank-buma

Sjoerd Talitsch - Commissioner of Career Affairs

Coördinating and developing the activities and services of the JFV Career facilities, guiding the Carrièrecommissie, the Bedrijven- en Instellingendagcommissie, the Goede Doelencommissie and the Pubcommissie. 

E: carriere@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-10460953

L: www.linkedin.com/in/sjoerdtalitsch

Mark Spaan - Commissaris Studiefaciliteiten

Organising the disposal of books and excerpts, managing and exploiting the JFV Studiewinkel (Study store), confidential advisor, guiding the Commissie Studiefaciliteiten, the Kleine Reiscommissie, the Eerstejaarscommissie and the Activity Committee.

E: studiefaciliteiten@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +316-83157317

L: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markspaan/