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Board 2021-2022

The 114th board has been constituted as follows:

Chairman Margot van der Marck
Vice-chairman Kim ten Hoorn Boer
Secretary Irene Donker
Treasurer Nan Veninga
Career Officer  Thea Vogelzang
Commissioner of Educational Affairs  Bas Venema


Margot van der Marck - Chairman

General PR, session in (inter)faculty bodies, general strategic policy, maintaining internal policy, contact with faculty, looking after the website, chairman Stichting Oud Leden.

E: voorzitter@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31681225229

L: www.linkedin.com/margot-van-der-marck 

Kim ten Hoorn Boer - Vice-chairman

General acquisition, maintaining contact with companies, supervision of the Congres committee, the Legal Experience committee and the Symposium committee.

E: vicevoorzitter@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31631514992

L: www.linkedin.com/kim-ten-hoorn-boer

Irene Donker - Secretary

General secretarial activities, inventory, controlling memberships, supervision of the Christmas Ball committee, Pub committee, Social Media committee and editor-in-chief of the "In Casu" Legal Magazine.

E: secretaris@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31631248770

L: www.linkedin.com/irene-donker

Nan Veninga - Treasurer

Overall finances of the JFV, keeping accounts, AVG declaration and checking budgets of committees, guidance of the Excursie- and Introductie committee.

E: penningmeester@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31629776622

L: www.linkedin.com/nan-veninga

Thea Vogelzang - Career Officer

Coordinate and develop activities and services of JFV Carrière. Supervising the Carrière committee, Bedrijven- en Intstellingendag committee and Goede Doelen committee.

E: carriere@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31613581868

L: www.linkedin.com/thea-vogelzang

Bas Venema - Commissioner of Educational Affairs

Organization of book sales and summary sales, management and operation of the JFV Studystore, supervision of committee Studiefaciliteiten, Kleine Reis committee, Eerstejaars committee and International committee.

E: studiefaciliteiten@jfvgroningen.nl

T: +31610376448

L: www.linkedin.com/bas-venema